Is Weight Lifting Bad For Women

Is Weight Lifting Bad For Women

Is Weight Lifting Bad For Women ​: Weight lifting is not good for women” is a highly believed myth. Lifting weights is not bad for women as long as they are lifting it with the right technique and are not hurting themselves. Women should only avoid lifting weights when they are pregnant or when they don’t have the physical strength required for it.

Is Weight Lifting Bad For Women

Weight lifting in the gym or strength training is one of the best physical exercises and can help your body in multiple ways. But, when it comes to women, most people believe that they should restrict themselves only to cardiovascular exercises, yoga or abs exercises. One of the biggest reasons behind this is that they believe strength training will give women muscular body like men and they will become bulky.

It’s A Myth That Women Should Not Lift Weights

Its just a myth that lifting weights will make women look like male bodybuilders. Well, the truth is that when you train with heavy weights, your muscles become stronger (not larger, bigger or bulkier).

The fact is that men & women are different in many aspects and one of these aspects is the hormonal composition. Women don’t have the hormones. Which men have, and that’s why strength training delivers different types of results on both, men and women.

Though, there are women who have muscular bodies, but they take testosterone based supplements and train differently. They work for this goal hard and train for 3 – 4 hours or more every day. On the other hand, the women who don’t take special supplements only burn the fat on the top of the muscles without making their muscles bulkier. So, if your aim is to lose weight, weight training in moderation with cardio and aerobic exercises can greatly help.

Benefits Of Lifting Weight For Women

It’s not bad for you, instead, it is highly beneficial. There are numerous benefits of strength training for women and the most vital benefits are listed below.

It helps In Losing Weight and Burning Fat

The weight training or weight lifting actually helps in burning fat and losing weight. When you lift weight or perform strength training, it breaks down your muscles which then get rebuilt over the period of next 24 – 48 hours.

During the process of rebuilding the muscles, the body uses a lot of calories and energy. Due to this, our metabolism occurs at an accelerated pace, which implies that you not only burns calories during weight training, but also, after it’s over, even when you are sitting on your couch. This is why, fat loss is much faster when you combine strength training in your workout regime.

It Helps In Controlling Several Health Issues

Strength training aims at exercising the different muscle groups of the body and helps in regulating the blood flow throughout the body. It also helps in controlling and curing the different health issues which originate due to high blood pressure. Cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and inactivity.

The cardiologists also boast about the health benefits of strength training and its ability to control the heart related health troubles.

Helps in Attaining Hormonal Balance In The Body

The strength training is known to exhibit a profound effect on the body’s ability to balance. The hormonal activity and accelerate the production of the hormones which slows down due to aging. This is why, when you lift heavy weights, you attain a lean body, tightened muscles, a glow on your face. Slow down in the process of aging and well-maintained sexual as well as immune function.

So, strength training or heavy weight lifting isn’t bad for you. Instead, it has many health benefits which make it an essential part of your day-to-day health and exercise regime. However, in order to gain all the aforementioned health benefits, its important to combine your exercise with the right diet plan which is rich in proteins and provides apt amount of carbohydrates as well as fats in addition to the all the essential micronutrients.

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