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“Get the Real Training from the Real Fitness Experts”

Most often, when we join he gym, we have either of two goals – gain muscles or lose weight. Many of us join a gym with the hope that they will soon start getting the desired results, but, it does not happen. Ne of the biggest reasons is that the instructors don’t follow the right techniques while making us exercise, due to which the exercise does not effectively impacts the muscle group it is targeted at. But, this does not happen to you, when you join The Silver Life Gym, provide you Best GYM, Fitness Personal Trainer in Naranpura, Navrangpura.

At, “The Silver Life Gym” we facilitate our members with the “Real Fitness Training” emphasizing on exercising with the correct technique to get the desired results.

Seasoned Fitness Experts Offering the Real Training

We have a team of fitness experts with years of experience in the field of fitness. Our trainers have trained several body builders and powerlifters, who went on to win the state level titles. Our experts possess profound knowledge pertaining to the exercising technique and muscle development. With many certifications and utmost dedication, our trainers proffer unmatched fitness training.

At, The Silver Life Gym in Nava Vadaj, we believe in providing authenticated training without focusing on faster results. We only emphasize on exercising with the right equipment with the right technique and without any flaws. When you work out in a flawless manner, the right muscles get hit and the results are more perpetual.

State of the Art Gymming Facility

We have a team of fitness experts that never fails in keeping the track of the latest fitness trends, and our gymming facility is adorned by the most advanced workout machines. You can leverage our best-in-class gymming facility to enhance your fitness and boost your health he right way. 

Along with the right exercising techniques, we also offer you expert guidance on diet and nutrition so that you can complement your workouts with the right diet to get faster and better results. Join the Silver Life Gym Today, if you want to build strong muscles and become fit! 

Please Get in touch with us at 098254-14284 to Get 3 Days Free Demo!

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