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A world-class gym run by Mr. Jaspal Chavda, the Silver Life Gym is the best gym in Naranpura and the entire Ahmedabad.  With over a decade of experience, the gym has hundreds of membership to its credit. With the best fitness training, customised fitness programs, world-class equipment and unmatched nutrition & diet counselling, it is the bets fitness centre you can join in Ahmedabad. There are several points which differentiate “The Silver Life Gym” from the other fitness centers:

Real Fitness Training Leading to Real Results

Our trainers are highly experienced and possess various certifications which make them the best source of the core fitness knowledge. Leveraging the fitness principles and their vast knowledge, they help the members with the “Real” fitness training which leads to the real results.

Custom Fitness Programs

Whether you want to lose weight, gain it or develop muscles, we offer a customized program designed ideally for your unique needs. We excel in the field of fitness training and our trainers offer the best-in-class training by utilizing the standard fitness principles.

Emphasis on the Right Technique

We don’t make our members simply run on treadmill for hours to lose weight or lift unnecessary weight to make the muscles pump up in a shorter time span.

Being the best gym in Ahmedabad we offer the best training as per the latest fitness trends. We emphasize on the correct technique, and make our clients lose weight or gain muscles in the right manner.

Amazing Ambience

The gym floor has been exquisitely used for the different exercising routines. There is a well structured area for cardiovascular exercises, a specialized area for custom training sessions, the weight area and the strength training area equipped with high-end fitness equipment.

The gym is located on the terrace and the members love to workout here.

Central Location

“The Silver Life Gym” is located at the centralized location of “Ankur 4 Rasta” Naranpura, which can be accessed from all parts of Ahmedabad easily. Being located at the heart of the Ahmedabad city, we ensure that it easy for you to reach the gym and achieve your fitness goals.

Please Get in touch with us at 098254-14284 to Get 3 Days Free Demo!